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    Types of Qurban:
  • Package A: S$310, Australia (Sheep)
  • Package B: S$120, Somalia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Rohingya Refugee Camps (Goat)
  • Package C: S$150, Syria, Lebanon, Syrian Refugee Camps (Goat)
    For Qurban in Australia:
  • Slaughtering will be done on 31 July 2020 (Friday).
  • The qurban slaughter will be done in 2 MUIS recognised halal dedicated abattoir, Frewstal and McHerd. Both are in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • The flight out of Melbourne will be on 5th August 2020. ETA Changi Airport on 6th August 2020.
  • The cargo will be cleared immediately and will be transported to 2 MUIS halal certified and SFA licensed meat processors.
  • Home delivery will be on 8/9 August 2020, inshaa Allah.
  • No certificate will be issued.
    For Qurban in Asia and Middle East:
  • Slaughtering and distribution will be done on the same day.
  • The qurban meat will be distributed to the poor and needy in the respective countries.
  • You will not receive any of the qurban meat. We will issue you with an e-certificate once the project is completed, inshaa Allah.

Madina Halal Meats & Qurban Foundation (Qurban Project 2020 in Middle East and South Asia)

Please tranfer the correct amount to the following Paynow Number: 9664 9646 (Mohd Khair)
*IMPORTANT: WhatsApp the transaction screenshot to ANOTHER mobile number: 9787 3651
in order for our admin to keep track of the payment. Otherwise we might miss your payment. Thank you!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Full Payments are to be made before the closing date on 24 July 2020.
  2. Qurban will only be confirmed once payment is received.
  3. There will be no refund once payment is made.
  4. For Package B & C, the goat will be slaughtered at those respective regions and the qurban meat distributed to the poor and needy within the locality.

Al Qudsi Agri Group

ALQUDSI Agri Group supplies chilled and frozen halal meat products as well as halal livestock from Australia and New Zealand.

They offer various cut requirements and also offer dedicated cold chain storage and cooling room transport systems for the halal meat products, while observing high level of halal governance and integrity. Their halal supply chain is vertically integrated - it means that at every halal critical point, all activities are monitored and assured to go smoothly as required by the halal food laws and regulations.

They also supply livestock – cattle and sheep/goat via air or sea. They have their own farm in Queensland with 668 acres.

ALQUDSI also design, construct and build sheep and cattle farms.


Qurban Foundation, in conjunction With Madina Halal Meats

Since 2008 Qurban Foundation (in conjunction with Madina Halal Meats Australia) has been able to help thousands of needy and impoverished people around the world by providing Qurban, Aqiqah and Sadaqah distribution on your behalf. Their network of sincere and dedicated contacts have taken this Amanah upon themselves and are able to reach the most remote areas in poor countries.

Qurban Foundation has taken upon themselves the requirement to perform this act of sunnah according to the strict Sharia rules. This is done by ensuring all requirements have been met; such as the correct aged animal, the method of slaughter, the timeframe and distribution to the most poor and destitute recipients.

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